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About Harderson Crafts

Harderson helps brands take great products from design to shipment.

As a successful sourcing agent, how can you ensure that your goods meet the highest quality standards? Simple —build them yourself. At Harderson Crafts, years of experience working with buyers and suppliers of fragrance, beauty & home decor products led owner John Liu to open a facility of his own in 2012, enabling Harderson to focus on its two most important values —product quality, and customer service.

For John and the people of Harderson, meeting high standards means aggressively seeking out new, smarter technology, communicating openly about everything from product requirements to environmental issues, and establishing long-term business relationships built on trust, and proven by results.

Don't take the risk of manufacturing with unstable suppliers; do what brands like Jonathan Adler, Ralph Lauren, Pottery Barn, Kate Spade and Body Shop already have, and make Harderson Crafts a part of your business.

Featured Products

  • Kenneth Turner Collection

    Cologne spray bottles made from high quality machine made glass with low sham. The silkscreen high detail logo is printed on two sides, and it has an electro-chemical aluminum based sprayer and frosted silver top.

  • Crabtree & Evelyn Filled Candle

    The soft color spray on the inside of this glass vessel gives dimension to the lavender decal applied on the outside. It’s a simple, elegant look for a sophisticated fragrance.

  • Soap & Water Fragrance Collection

    The clean, organic of this set is achieved by the natural texture of the genuine bamboo caps, satin white finish and simple logo. The design of the candle, ambiance spray and roll-on perfume visually convey the brand’s genuine concern for our planet.

  • Laser Cut Electroplated Tea-light Holder

    This machine made glass tea-light holder is first color sprayed and electroplated on the inside, then frosted on the outside. The detailed flower pattern is achieved through a specialized laser-cut process, causing the design to flicker when the candle inside is lit.

  • DFI Aging Eye Cream Bottle

    This shiny black cream bottle is machine-made glass with a two step logo procedure. First, it's hot stamped with the shiny silver logo, and then our unique silk-screen process places the green leaf with exact precision.

  • Kate Spade Perfume Collection

    The Kate Spade perfume collection is a high quality, machine-made glass tube with a dual-color gradation spray finish, gold hot-stamped logo, and metallic topper to match.

  • Ralph Lauren Candle Glass

    This high-end clear glass vessel is machined with a thick, transparent glass sham and decorated with a simple but classic real gold RL logo, strongly conveying the brand image behind the fragrance.

  • Wood & Glass Reed Diffusers

    Glass diffuser bottles fit perfectly in these genuine wood frames. The combination of wood, natural reeds, and glass with a decal logo is a classic look.

  • Multi-function Leaf Vase

    This hand-made, mouth-blown glass vase can be used for flowers, or as a reed diffuser. The glass is color sprayed, then sand-blasted to bring out the leaf design.

  • MAC Foundation Bottles

    These round MAC foundation bottles are frosted glass with silkscreened logos printed around the outside of the bottle. The plastic dispenser top is durable, making it perfect for travel.

  • Cobra Cologne Bottle

    This machine-made cologne bottle is sprayed with a matte black finish, then silkscreened with a smokey grey logo. It’s topped off with an electroplated plastic spray cap to give it a "high-end" look.

  • Pier 1 Diffuser

    The hand tailored leather wrap gives this diffuser a warm texture. A special technique is used to apply the slim silver strip around the shoulders and the hot stamped logo.

  • Harderson Signature Vessel

    The signature Harderson candle vessel is machine made glass with black color spray with only a gold leaf hot-stamped logo for a simple, elegant look.

  • Natural Wood Diffuser

    This diffuser not only looks unique, but has an innovative means of diffusing the fragrance. The wooden cap is a very organic look, but also acts as the diffusing mechanism, rather than using reeds. The fragrance will continue to emit from the wood for weeks after all the fragrance is absorbed from the bottle.

  • Ocean Blue Votive

    This glass votive candle holder first goes through an acid frost, then is sprayed in matte blue, and finished off with a shiny silver hot-stamped pattern. The acid frosting process protects the finish from being damaged by strong fragrance solutions.

  • Sovrani Home Fragrance Diffuser

    This Italian style diffuser bottle looks ordinary, but has a special coloring technique called vapor deposition. This process enables the color to endure all strong fragrance solutions.

  • Hexagonal Perfume Bottles

    A set of high sham hexagonal glass perfume bottles. One is color sprayed on four alternating sides & one side has a negative space logo — a reverse decal. The other bottle has a simple, hot-stamped logo on the front, and both are made for a satin finished sprayer and a hexagonal cap

Skills & Qualifications

  • Fragrance & Decor

  • Beauty

  • Privately Owned

  • Smart Meter

  • Clean Room

John Liu, CEO

John Liu is the CEO of Harderson Crafts, with over twelve years of experience in the fragrance, cosmetic, bath and body industries. Initially, he began Harderson as a sourcing agent, working with a variety of local suppliers to provide glassware and home decor products to international buyers. In 2012, he built his own facility to ensure the quality and craftsmanship of goods from Harderson. John takes tremendous pride in running a progressive, transparent, and honest business operation, and is eager to work with customers throughout the world looking to do the same. He enjoys basketball, and resides in Shenzhen.


  • Brandon Pratt

    Sourcing Manager


    You will be hard pressed to find another vendor in Asia, or anywhere for that matter that has the knowledge, honesty and dedication that John has.

  • Josh Gardner

    Former Owner & Founder

    Jar Store

    In my 17 years importing from China, I have only worked with a handful of trustworthy, reliable and timely sourcing agents. John is the only person on that list who shipped such high quality products — without a single piece rejected.

  • Tracey Barba

    Packaging Development Manager


    Harderson is the number one vendor that Maesa goes to for glass and development ideas. Any creative ideas we need for diffusers or candles, Harderson is always there to help by sending samples and to show us innovative new items to help sell products to our customers. The sampling process is simple and convenient and we always receive them on time and in great condition. Quantities are never an issue when sampling especially when we are in need of large amounts for customers such as Jonathan Adler or Ralph Lauren. John is one of the most helpful and pleasant vendors that we work with today. Logistics are important since we are in the United States, and there is never an issue or concern when products are shipped out. I have been very happy to work with John and I have great respect and admiration for him and Harderson as a company. I plan on continuing our working relationship as long as we are both in the business. Any customer would be lucky to work with them.

  • Taryn Sullivan

    Former Sourcing Manager

    Chesapeake Bay Candle

    I’ve known and worked with John of ra few years, and there is no one I trust more in China. HE is reliable, extremely hard working, and honest. He always has my best interest in mind, and does everything he can to resolve problems quickly and professionally. I have been working in sourcing, buying products from Chinese factories for over 10 years, and I have referred him to more companies than any other trading company or factory I have worked with. Just give him a call and get to know him and you will learn that he has a qualified team that does excellent work, and is someone you can trust.

  • Welcome to Harderson Crafts!
  • Just some of Harderson's wide variety of projects and products.
  • Washing and cleaning products.
  • In-house hot stamping -- great for logos.
  • Harderson's clean room allows for high quality, high detail finishing work.
  • Silk screening process.
  • Packaging by hand.
  • Quality control.


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